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ABB 10A4500


Designed for flowrate measurements in many industries including system manufacture, food, water treatment plants and chemical. Aggressive fluid applications are possible because the fluid wetted parts can be made from a variety of metals and
  • Design type FGM4500 (10A4500)– O-Ring Seals Design – With Horizontal/vertical threaded or flanged connections
  • Design type FGM4650(10A4650)- Packing Gland Design – Flanged connections – With Horizontal/vertical threaded or flanged connections
  • Easy range change and cleaning-no removal from the line required.
  • Excellent wide angle visibility of flow rate over a linear scale.


General specifications:
  • Application – Clean, low viscosity liquids and gases
  • Mounting – Vertical, Horizontal in line
  • Connections – 1/2 in. to 1-1/2 in., threaded, or flanged
  • Flow ranges – Water flows: 12 -5400 GPH – Air flows: 48-8940 SCFH
  • Flow turndown – Typically 12-1/2:1
  • Operating pressure – Up to 300 PSIG
  • Operating temperature – Up to 250F (120 °C)
  • Nominal scale length – 10 in.
  • Accuracy – 2% Full Scale
  • Alarms – Inert gas switches, up to 2 off
  • Tube material – Borsilicate 3.3 glass
  • Float material – Stainless steel, PVC, Tantalum, HastelloyTM, PTFE, Monel, Others
  • Fitting material – Stainless steel, PVC
Process Instrumentation

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