Process Controls

Controlling your process requires the ability to record and data from instrumentation and an automation strategy for utalizing that information. From ABB recorders to advanced automation strategies including HMI and SCADA development, Durkin is your turnkey source for process control solutions.

Learn more about specific control products below, or visit our services overview page to learn more our programming and controls services, SCADA, panel fabrication, and process controls commissioning.

Process Controllers for Sale

ABB R-SM500F Field Mountable Videographic Recorder


A fully sealed IP66 and NEMA 4X enclosure ensures full protection against water and dust ingress, making the SM500F ideal for hose-down and dirty applications in even the most hostile environments. A choice of mounting options together with an ultra-slim design means the recorder can be installed in virtually any location, from panel and wall to pipe. Front-mounted pushbuttons allow easy selection of data in a user-friendly Windows™ environment. Commissioning, setting and fine tuning is easily performed using the simple and concise menus. Added support is provided by an extensive, context-sensitive, inbuilt help feature. Fully compliant with the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR Part 11 regulations concerning electronic process data collection, the SM500F is ideal for any installation where local indication and recording of process conditions is required. Typical applications include the monitoring of temperature, humidity, cold storage, warehouses, effluent and boreholes.


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Key features

  • Unique universal wall-, pipe- or panel-mounting capability that meets both IP66 and NEMA 4X hose-down standards.
  • Ultra-slim design ensures easy replacement of existing recording devices
  • Secure data recording with 64 MB internal flash memory and archiving to SD memory cards
  • Depending on the application requirements, color TFT or monochrome options are available
  • Comprehensive audit trail, secure archiving format and extensive physical and configuration security features, making SM500F ideally suited to applications where compliance to 21CFR part 11 is required
  • Extensive physical and electronic security features ensure integrity of recorder's configuration and archived data
  • Flexible recording with 12 software recording channels for recording of up to 7 analog/digital inputs, math function results, signals communicated via MODBUS® or any other analog or digital signal available within the recorder
  • Remote access and data retrieval via Ethernet and MODBUS RS485 connectivity
  • Quick and easy setup with on-line help and Windows™-style menus
  • Easy tracking of batch processes available
Process Controls

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Do you develop custom process control systems?

Yes. We are a full service automation and instrumentation supplier. Our engineering team can design, program, install, integrate and startup control systems, SCADA, HMI’s and all other custom types of process automation. We work with all the common process controls platforms, including Siemens, Rockwell, Wonderware, Intellulation and more.

We’ve been developing process controls and instrumentation for over half a century. Contact Durkin today to discuss your automation needs or being planning your next automation project.

Do you only carry the brands listed?

We carry a wide-range of process instrumentation and solutions. You can see our full supplier list here, but we may be able to source brands or point you the right distributor. More importantly, we can help you determine the appropriate instrumentation and controls solutions needed to solve your process issues. Talk to one of our experts today: (314) 432-2040 or fill out a contact form.

Which controls strategy or recorder is best for my situation?

  • What automation currently exists in your plant?
  • What is your flow rate, your chemical composition, and other physical product qualities?
  • What is your goal in adding process automation or recorders?
  • What kind of instruments are already on your line?

The answers to these and other questions will help us determine the right recorder or controls strategy for your line. Every situation is unique, and a one-size fits all solution does not exist.

Durkin’s process specialists can help you determine the specific recorder and/or controls strategy appropriate for your situation. We evaluate your line and existing equipment, then design a quote and plan around your process goals. Call (314) 432-2040 or contact us to begin this process today.

What is a process recorder?

Process recorders measure, monitor and register tasks, process parameters, maintenance, optimization, troubleshooting, and other process line information. Recorders communicate this information with controllers, which allows for visualization of line data for line operations, plant managers, and other personnel.

We carry several different process recorders and controllers and offer full integration and automation services for integrating these into your lines. Contact Durkin (314) 432-2040 to get started.

What are process controllers?

Process controllers monitor and control aspects of process systems inside manufacturing plants, including temperature, flow rates, pressure, and other operating inputs. They are key to automating industrial processes and providing remote control of processing equipment.

Durkin carries a full selection of process controllers and we offer full integration and automation services for integrating these into your plant. Contact us (314) 432-2040 to get started.