Gain precise control over your operations with an expertly designed SCADA system from Durkin. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems help manage your workflows, track uptime and troubleshoot downtime, isolate technical problems and out-of-spec operations, and increase productivity when designed correctly.

Our SCADA systems are designed to the latest industry standards and come complete with several layers of cyber-security. Unauthorized access by humans or viruses is constantly and rigorously monitored and actively protected against. Whitelisting practices, firewalls and VPN protection stop packet access as well.

Durkin provides the following SCADA and automated data collection system services:

Advanced plant network design
Controls engineering
Custom analytical tools
Custom reporting development
Data backup
Design and programming of SCADA systems
HMI development and integration
Legacy system upgrades
Panel fabrication and installation
RTU setup and installation
SCADA startup and support services
Standards development
Virtualization architecture development and implementation

Durkin SCADA systems are scalable and flexible, designed for your evolving plant needs and rigorously quality tested before installation. Some of the more common SCADA platforms we work with include:

Rockwell FactoryTalk applications
And more

From WAN protocol development to compact controller selection and panel fabrication, Durkin is the premier provider of SCADA solutions in the Midwest. Contact us today for a quote or additional information.

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