Durkin partners with your project lead to complete a successful startup and commissioning process. This normally starts with Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), which ensures all instrumentation and system features are working correctly upon arrival.

The first step in completing documentation and instrumentation checkout is to review all relevant project documents including project design basis, P&ID’s, operating procedures, and I/O lists. Durkin compiles all relevant information into a test list.

Once the system is approved as matching all existing project documentation, we perform an instrumentation checkout. This includes documenting and testing:

Valve function and alarming
All VFD's for proper response
All solenoid valves
Every piece of instrumentation, including flowmeters & transmitters, temperature sensors, weight sensors, level sensors, etc.
Motor starts, pumps, etc.

This thorough run-down of all instrumentation ensures proper system function and a smooth startup.

For sanitary projects, there is a much more extensive documentation and validation process we perform that demonstrates trace-ability, proper slope and drain, and other requirements. For non-sanitary applications, normal turnover packets include the following documents:

Operation and maintenance manuals
Troubleshooting checklists
Component part numbers and specifications
Recommended spare parts list
Mechanical & Schematics drawings
Control panel layout drawings
Fully-documented logic programs

Full Commissioning Services

Once the system has been fully integrated and tested, the Durkin team remains on site to complete commissioning. We perform:

Full integration with existing plant controls
Hooks up any required supply lines and piping
Punch list resolution
In-plant training for production line operators and plant maintenance personnel
Continuing support

We do not leave your site until line staff is fully trained in running, troubleshooting and interacting with the new system. After startup, our automation team is available for issue resolution, and we offer emergency repair services as needed.

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