ABB TSP321-with-display


SensyTemp TSP300 series sensors allow for measuring inset replacement during operation. With their short response time and high vibration resistance these devices meet the most demanding process requirements.
  • TSP311 without thermowell – Insertion in an existing thermowell
  • TSP321 with welded tubular thermowell – Screw-in thread, flange, compression fitting
  • TSP331 with drilled thermowell – Screw-in thread, flange, weld-in socket


  • Sturdy and versatile – Thermowell, extension tube, connection head, transmitter – Interchangeable measuring inset
  • Connection heads – AGL: Aluminum, with screw-on cover – AGLH: Aluminum, with upper screw-on cover – AGLD: Aluminum, with screw-on cover and LCD indicator type A / AS – AGS: Stainless steel, with screw-on cover – AGSH: Stainless steel, with upper screw-on cover – AGSD: Stainless steel, with screw-on cover and LCD indicator type A / AS
  • Transmitter in connection head – 4 to 20 mA, HART – PROFIBUS PA 3.01 – FOUNDATION Fieldbus ITK 5.2
  • Suited to explosion protection, intrinsic safety and flameproof enclosure
Process Instrumentation
Temperature Transmitters

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